Post Penguin Blues

A huge percentage of seo companies now do not worry about achieving rankings for their clients. They simply pass them off with the falsehood that it takes time to see movements in the SERPs and then take on new clients when the old ones eventually realise that no results are likely to ever come.
Sadly for business owners, who are trying to build their online presence, finding a good seo company that can actually produce results is becoming more and more difficult.

Don't just take an agency's word for it. Check their knowledge. Ask them about Panda, Penguin, over-optimization, low quality links and how they intend to build your site's authority. Ensure they have a full working knowledge and understanding of all seo updates and penalties that Google have recently introduced and how they intend to work within safe parameters of these penalties.
Though what they rarely admit is that these seo wanna-bes are not only failing their clients with their rankings but they are in actual fact hurting their sites! They are using, not only outdated optimization techniques but are emplying, seo tactics that are extremely harmful to the sites that they are trying to help.

Sadly, even the small amount of seo "specialists" that stayed active after the horrendous effects of the Penguin update have failed to move with the times.

Following these many algo changes 90%, if not more, of seo agencies are finding it impossible to keep up with the changing scene. They simply can no longer rank sites in the SERPs

Past seo techniques are not effective any more yet many seo workers are to this day still mistken seo outsourcing in the belief that they can use anchor text alone to rank a site. You should be aware that this is extremely dangerous for a site as the Google Penguin punishes sites that use this type of link building and punishes sites that use it very severely. It is sad to think that seo companies that ruin their client's rankings will leave those clients in a very sticky situation as clearly no non-brand sites ie. non big brand names have recovered from a penguin hit.

Though this is terrible for those agencies there is a much bigger and frightening fact that is often not discussed.

Unfortunately most clients of these search engine optimization agencies are totally unaware of the dangerous position they are putting their sites in.

Do they openly show their seo processes? Are they very guarded about how they perform search engine optimization? Make sure you know exactly what seo techniques your seo company is using before you trust them with your valuable web properties.

The sad current reality is painful but real all the same. Almost all if not all remaining seo companies are not just unable to get rankings for the target sites belonging to their clients due to the fact that they are not updating their knowledge they are actually causing more harm than good. They are creating havoc due to the fact that they are incorporating into their processes old tactics which Google claims are pure spam.

April 2013 saw the seo landscape change effecting both searchers and seo companies alike. The changes in Google Search have been so dramatic after the Penguin update that huge amounts of search engine optimization companies have went bankrupt.

Also ensure that the company supplied you with an exact match count of the searches performed for the keywords they have ranked.
Seo companies from all around the globe tend to make claims for rankings that they simply cannot live up to. Because it is so difficult for these companies to achieve rankings since Penguin hit some will even pretend to have ranked sites that they had nothing to do with or by showing rankings achieved for keywords that get no search volume and therefore have no competition.
It is Seo experts such as McGrath Enterprise whom you should be considering using.
In addition tens of thousands of ordinary people who had previously been employed in the search engine optimization industry have lost their jobs. Meanwhile the search engine giant increased their paid advertising revenue by 42% what a stroke of luck!).

Worse than useless because it costs the client money.
Seo clients have become a disposal and recyclable asset in the business plan of many seo companies. It is time that seo companies were held responsible for their actions and I urge every potential seo client to do their due diligence when they consider which seo services to use. However, just because they are expensive does not mean they are good either!

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