Utilising Seo For Results In Today's Google

April 2013 saw the seo landscape completely change effecting users of Search and seo specialists alike. A great many thousands of search engine optimization agencies have closed their doors and even more seo professionals are now unemployed as a greedy Internet giant has claimed more profit from the World Wide Web by stripping site owners of their ability to rank in Google Search forcing real companies into their pay per click advertising pipeline..

Worse than useless because it costs the client money.

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In addition tens of thousands of workers who had been employed in the internet marketing industry have lost their jobs. Meantime Google increased their paid advertising revenue by 42% (what a co-incidence!.

Sadly, even the search engine optimization agencies that have survived the horrendous effects of Google's poorly constructed update have failed to move with the times.

Because Google has included more and more comlex regulations to their algorithm, these changes have removed most seo agencies ability to rank websites.

This is sad for those poor folks employed in the industry. However, there is something much worse that not too many Seos are discussing.

The unfortunate reality is painful but real all the same. Just about all remaining seo companies are not just unable to get rankings for the target sites belonging to their clients because they are keeping up with changes in the seo world and consequently updating their experience in these things they are infact creating more harm as they go along. They are also hurting their clients sites due to the fact that they are using outdated techniques that Google claims are pure spam.

However, what Seos don't often address is the fact that these inferior fakes are not purely failing their clients they are in actual fact destroying their sites! These agencies are in fact using, not only outdated seo practices but are utilizing, seo tactics that are completely detrimental to the longevity and sustainability of the sites they are claiming to help.

It is only the very best companies such as seo outsourcing - www.mcgrathenterpriseseo.com have expanded while other seo companies have had to shut up shop.

Past seo techniques no longer work but many seo agencies are still relying on anchor text alone to rank a site. You should be aware that this is tremendously dangerous for a site as the Google Penguin now targets this type of link building and punishes sites that use it very severely. And, sadly it is becoming clear that non big brand names cannot and will never recover from a penguin penalty.

Rarely are their clients aware of this.

Although there are still plenty of seo agencies around there are not that many who can actually produce results.

Foreign based seo companies often make outlandish claims and will even go as far as to use others company's results as examples of what they can achieve. Because it is so difficult for these companies to achieve rankings since Penguin hit some will even pretend to have ranked sites that they had nothing to do with or by showing rankings achieved for keywords that get no search volume and therefore have no competition.

Many of these companies do not worry that they cannot produce results because they simply recycle their client list taking on new clients as the disillusioned clients leave.

Seo clients have become a disposal and recyclable asset in the business plan of many seo companies. If you are considering using an seo company then please be extremely careful who you chose. Check out the company and see what other people are saying about them. If they are very cheap then they are probably worthless. However, just because they are expensive does not mean they are good either!

Are they open about the techniques they use? Beware of any company that guards their "seo knoweldge" or hides behind a veil of secrecy because they are probably using spam tactics. Be sure any company you work with highlights their processes and explains how they intend to rank your site.

Don't just take an agency's word for it. Check their knowledge. Ask them about Panda, Penguin, over-optimization, low quality links and how they intend to build your site's authority. Ensure they have a full working knowledge and understanding of all seo updates and penalties that Google have recently introduced and how they intend to work within safe parameters of these penalties.

Research the claims of any seo company you plan to work with. Ask them for proof that they can deliver on their promises and be sure you check the details they give you. Proof of ranking low quality keywords with almost no search volume will be your first red flag and indication that you are dealing with an seo company who are weak at seo.

It is Seo experts like these whom you should use.

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