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After 24/04/12 when Google released Penguin there've been even more changes to how a person needs to utilize seo and with seo services. A great many thousands of seo agencies have closed their virtual doors and many, many more search engine optimization professionals have lost their jobs and homes as Google has robbed even more profit from the Internet and stripped websites of their ability to rank in the SERPs forcing real companies into the Google advertising funnell..

Many seo companies show their success ranking sites for keywords that get less than 200 hits per month. The client is paying for false results.

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In addition 10s of thousands of ordinary people who had previously been employed in the seo industry have lost their jobs. Meantime Google raised their paid advertising revenue by 42% was this just good luck?.

Unfortunately, even the search engine optimization companies that have survived the devastating effects of the Penguin update have failed to update their search engine optimization knowledge.

These days, because of the huge changes in the search algo, it is not possible to reach page 1 of Google using old seo.

Even though this is terrible for these Seos there's a much bigger and frightening fact that is often treated like the elephant in the room.

The sad reality is hard to deal with but real all the same. Almost all surviving seo agencies are not just failing to rank their clients because they are failing to update their knowledge they are actually creating more damage than good. They are also hurting their clients sites because they are utilising very outdated tactics which Google has openly declared war on.

Unfortunately thou what Seos rarely admit is that these inferior seo wanna-bes are not purely failing their clients with their rankings but they are in actual fact destroying their sites! They are in fact using, not only old optimization tactics but are utilizing, seo techniques that are completely detrimental to the longevity and sustainability of the websites that they are claiming to help.

Only top seo companies such as freelance seo outsourcing specialist have expanded while a multitude of businesses have closed their virtual doors.

The old ways are not effective any more but many seo companies are still relying on anchor text alone to rank a site. This is tremendously dangerous as Google Penguin punishes sites that use this type of link building and the punish meted out is very sever. It is sad to think that seo companies that destroy their client' s Google presence leave their clients in a terrible online situation as clearly no ordinary sites ie. non big brand names have recovered from Penguin.

Although this kind of dangerous search engine optimization work is prevalent most seo clients are entirely unaware that it is happening.

Sadly for business owners, who are trying to build their online presence, finding a good seo company that can actually produce results is becoming more and more difficult.

Foreign based seo companies often make outlandish claims and will even go as far as to use others company's results as examples of what they can achieve. Or they even use examples of rankings they have achieved for completely uncompetitive terms that are financially unviable from a business perspective.

Seo companies, especially offshore based seo agencies that use workers with inferior English language skills, are quite content to take on clients whom they then fail to rank, so they lose those clients and then simply take on more.

Sadly, many seo companies have no concern at all for their clients. They see clients as turnover and do not care what damage they do to their sites. If you are considering using an seo company then please be extremely careful who you chose. Check out the company and see what other people are saying about them. If they are very cheap then they are probably worthless. However, just because they are expensive does not mean they are good either!

Do they openly show their seo processes? Beware of any company that guards their "seo knoweldge" or hides behind a veil of secrecy because they are probably using spam tactics. Be sure any company you work with highlights their processes and explains how they intend to rank your site.

Be sure that the Seo Company knows what they are talking about. Ask them about the Penguin update. Drill into their knowledge of recent Google updates and ask them for examples of keywords that they have ranked websites for.

Research the claims of any seo company you plan to work with. Ask them for proof that they can deliver on their promises and be sure you check the details they give you. Proof of ranking low quality keywords with almost no search volume will be your first red flag and indication that you are dealing with an seo company who are weak at seo.

You should always employ the seo services of genuine seo businesses to do your seo processes. If you select an inferior seo service then you will get inferior results and may even damage your brand online.

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