The New Search Engine Optimization

Easter 2013 saw the seo landscape change effecting users of Search and seo companies alike. Many thousands of seo agencies have closed their doors and even more seo workers have lost their jobs and homes as Google has robbed even more profit from the World Wide Web by stripping site owners of their ability to rank in the SERPs forcing real businesses into the Google paid advertising pipeline..

Only top seo businesses such as – seo outsourcing have grown while a multitude of "experts" have closed their virtual doors.

In addition 10s of thousands of employees who had been employed in the search engine optimization industry have lost their jobs. Meantime the search engine giant Google increased their paid advertising revenue by 42% is this a co-incidence?.

Sadly, even the search engine optimization agencies that survived the horrendous effects of Google's poorly constructed update have failed to update their seo knowledge.

As Google has released more and more extremely complex and difficult to follow rules to their algo, these algo alterations have removed ordinary search engine optimization agencies capacity to get websites ranked.

One may be mistaken for believing that the negative effect of the Google changes was to the seo workers who have lost their jobs and the closing of seo companies because they cannot adapt to the constant Google changes. The lose of jobs and failures of seo companies is not the worst thing to come out of all the Google madness. Something that is rarely spoken of – mostly because there are not enough Seos left who realise it is happening!

Not only are these seo companies not able to gain serach exposure for their client's online properties but the optimization strategies they are utilizing are in fact hurting their clients in the Google results pages.

Unfortunately thou what they rarely admit is that these inferior seo wanna-bes are not only failing their clients they are in actual fact destroying them! They are in fact utilising, not only outdated seo techniques but are utilizing, seo processes that are 100% damaging to the websites that they are claiming to help.

With seo services being offered that are based on the heavy use of EMK links many great client websites are dangerously just 1 google update away from being slapped by Penguin. If your site gets hit by penguin it is highly unlikely to recover its rankings unless you are a big brand name.

Unfortunately most clients of these seo companies are completely unaware of the dangerous position they are placing their sites in.

Sadly for business owners, who are trying to build their online presence, finding a good seo company that can actually produce results is becoming more and more difficult.

Foreign based seo companies often make outlandish claims and will even go as far as to use others company's results as examples of what they can achieve. Some have also been known to steal the credit for seo work that they have not even undertaken.

Seo companies, especially offshore based seo agencies that use workers with inferior English language skills, are quite content to take on clients whom they then fail to rank, so they lose those clients and then simply take on more.

Seo clients have become a disposal and recyclable asset in the business plan of many seo companies. It is time that seo companies were held responsible for their actions and I urge every potential seo client to do their due diligence when they consider which seo services to use. Be sure to investigate any seo agency you wish to use.

Do they openly show their seo processes? Beware of any company that guards their "seo knoweldge" or hides behind a veil of secrecy because they are probably using spam tactics. Make sure you know exactly what seo techniques your seo company is using before you trust them with your valuable web properties.

Don't just take an agency's word for it. Check their knowledge. Ask them about Panda, Penguin, over-optimization, low quality links and how they intend to build your site's authority. Ensure they have a full working knowledge and understanding of all seo updates and penalties that Google have recently introduced and how they intend to work within safe parameters of these penalties.

Also ensure that the company supplied you with an exact match count of the searches performed for the keywords they have ranked.

A competitive search phrase usually produces no less than 10,000 hits per month yet many seo companies use examples of rankings they have achieved for terms that get less than 100 hits per month! The client is paying for false results.

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Always use authentic companies such as this or you be taking a big risk of damaging your Google rankings, your online revenue and your brand.

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